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Just upload a project you’ve worked on and show your creative process for a chance to win a €5,000 grant.

AKG Inspired is a competition that celebrates the power of inspiration by asking creatives from any walk of life to show us how they turned their inspiration into an amazing idea.

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The Competition

The AKG Inspired competition is open to creatives across Europe. Whether you’re a photographer, a designer or a music producer – the type of work doesn’t matter, it’s all about showing how you took an inspiration and turned it into something great.

Entrants will get the chance to boost their profile by getting their work in front of a judging panel of industry leaders. Plus, the overall winner will receive a grant of €5,000, with four runners-up each receiving €1,000.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

To enter, visit the Share Your Inspiration page and tell us your story.

Closing date for entries is 15th August 2014. Good luck!

The Prizes

1 x Winner

  • €5000 Grant
  • Production of your own design Y series shell
  • Creative input to future AKG headphones

4 x Runners Up

  • €1000 Grant
  • Creative input to future AKG headphones


Inspiration type Creation type
  • photography
  • texture
  • nature
  • Typography
  • music
  • Branding
  • life
  • beauty
  • cinematic
  • Print
  • Handmade
  • motion
  • vibrant colors
  • space
  • illustration
  • big brother
  • Geometry
  • Immersion
  • Travel
  • Contemporary
  • Coloring Book
  • forest
  • listening
  • industrial
  • open-minded
  • concentrated
  • desert
  • War
  • Hermes
  • movement
  • weather
  • Y50
  • thought
  • in the moment
  • chile
  • Hair
  • #poverty #ikeaflatpack #aid #charity #equality
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Design
  • Dreams
  • listening to music
  • policestate
  • re-evaluation
  • concentration
  • documentary
  • Audio
  • Lullaby Song
  • Camera
  • y50 yellow
  • time
  • inspiration
  • drum and bass
  • Makeup
  • AKG y50
  • Watercolor Painting.
  • Editorial
  • Exhibition Design
  • tree
  • lively colors
  • surveillance
  • rethink
  • fashion illustration
  • film
  • Augmented Reality
  • Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Angles
  • Flash
  • #Walkman 3D CG #Concept #AKG #INSPIRED #The #Power #Of #Sound #bINSPIRED
  • tunnel vision
  • lifestyle
  • dubstep
  • AKG yellow
  • aerials
  • Packaging
  • Fairy tales
  • dance
  • colour
  • single-minded
  • girl
  • bass music
  • History
  • Store Window Displays
  • Logo Design.
  • Childhood
  • Vision
  • lifestyle illustration
  • france
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David Kohn

David Kohn is a London-based award winning architect, working across the fields of architecture and urbanism.

About David

David Kohn is a London-based award winning architect, who runs David Kohn Architects, working across the fields of architecture and urbanism.

David studied architecture at the University of Cambridge and at Columbia University, New York as a Fulbright Scholar. He worked at Caruso St John Architects before establishing David Kohn Architects in 2007. The company has gone on to work on projects for Sotheby’s and the London Southbank Centre.

The practice has built a reputation for its design, winning World Interior of the Year in 2013 and RIBA, D&AD, Designs of the Year, New London and Condé Nast awards in 2012. In 2010 the practice was named 'One-Off House Architect of the Year' and in 2009 'Young Architect of the Year'.

Knut Maierhofer

Knut Maierhofer is the founder and managing partner of KMS TEAM, a highly acclaimed brand agency in Munich, Germany.

About Knut

"Strength resides in quality"

In 1984, Knut Maierhofer founded KMS TEAM, a leading company for brand strategy, brand design and brand communication. 

Precision and functionality are the hallmarks of Knut Maierhofer’s work. Through clear and timeless design, he creates fascinating and appealing visualsystems that bring the personalities of brands and companies to life and make them sustainable. With over 30 years of experience, Knut Maierhofer is cognizant of the importance of a responsible, evolutionary development of brands and companies. However, design also calls for courage and a radical approach. Knut Maierhofer has received numerous international awards for his focused and consistent design.

Julia Spada

Julia Spada is a songwriter, recording artist and producer – who was named "Breakthrough Artist of 2014"

About Julia

Julia Spada is an acclaimed songwriter, recording artist and producer. Sweden's biggest music radio channel named Julia the "Number 1 Breakthrough Artist of 2014", and awarded her "Best Song of 2013". She's written and performed numerous features – among them "The Ocean" with fellow Swede "Saturday, Monday". Currently Julia is working on a secret project, stay tuned...

"Spada’s voice stands out – sidestepping icy detachment in favour of genuine emotion." – The Guardian

Romain Colin

Romain Colin is the founder of Fubiz – offering inspiration to creatives around the world.

About Romain

Based in Paris, France, Romain Colin founded in 2005. The site offers news and inspiration to millions of designers, art directors, producers, and creative agencies around the world.

Lauren Davies

Lauren Davies is an award winning designer and founder of London-based studio Heka

About Lauren

Lauren Davies is an award winning designer and founder of London-based studio Heka. In 2012, whilst studying on the MA Design Products course at the Royal College of Art, the Observer Magazine named her as one of the design ''stars of the future''. She graduated in 2013 and has since been nominated for Designs of the Year 2014 at the Design Museum in London. 

Lauren's background in illustration, art direction and set design is visible in her work. With a sustainable ethos and a passion for plants, food, colour, science and the intricate mysteries of nature, Lauren has a poetic approach to design.

Encouraging the user to find a more magical way of approaching our daily rituals, she highlights the hidden potential for creativity within everyday life and empowers people to explore their senses, forge a strong connection with materials and processes and find joy through experimentation and playfulness.


Welcome to AKG Inspired

AKG Inspired is a celebration of the creative process that turns everyday inspirations into amazing pieces of work. We want to see what inspired great pieces of photography, graphic design, industrial design, music, film… anything that's come from unlocking the imagination.

If you share your inspiration and tell us your story, you could win a €5000 grant and get the chance to design your own shell for the new AKG Y-Series headphones. And if that's not enough incentive, it's a great chance to boost your profile and get your work in front of an influential panel of judges including Lauren Davies, Romain Colin and Julia Spada.

Why are we doing this? Well, simply because AKG is passionate about creativity and has been inspiring artists through the power of sound for over 60 years. We believe that music and creativity go hand in hand and recognise that AKG headphones help our customers to find inspiration, get into a creative state of mind and focus on their work.

So, let's see what you can do. Share your inspiration